I would highly recommend her

I had been gradually feeling that I was losing control of my life and feeling pretty rubbish. My doctor prescribed antidepressants and HRT patches and nothing really changed. I thought well that’s it then, this is what life is going to be like!. I was on sick leave and my employer actually referred me and […]

My therapist was very knowledgable, incredibly helpful and approachable. The therapy was very effective, although very challenging at times my therapist was very supportive and understanding.

I found my therapist to be very skilled in giving me the tools to improve my mental wellbeing. My therapist was very attentive and insightful and I felt very safe and ‘held’ by her

Michelle was excellent at understanding what I needed and which approach would be best suited to helping me. I feel really happy with the treatment I received and the tools I have been taught to help me in the future. Michelle is supportive, kind, speaks honestly and is very easy to talk to, my experience […]


I started my therapy experience not really knowing what the cause was of my Emetophobia and how I was going to manage it. We discussed treatment options of CBT and EMDR. I have been amazed how much of a positive effect it has had on me and I would never have thought that possible childhood […]

Very Helpful

I have found my CBT sessions very helpful following my RTA. I can honestly say I didn’t think therapy would help, but I have been proved wrong!! I am a much more relaxed driver and passenger now.

Very Worthwhile

EMDR helped me to undo my past (Birth trauma) so that I could focus on a better future. Looking back I can now see that the births of my children were traumatic and that I had tried to block them out as they were too distressing. Talking and processing the distressing memories helped me to […]


Michelle has been absolutely invaluable and has helped me to overcome a number of painful and distressing events in my life dating back many years. I cannot thank her enough.

Helped A Lot

Initially when I was offered to see a therapist via work, I thought how could talking help but it has helped a lot. It has helped me to get back to work.

Friendly & Professional.

Michelle was very friendly and professional. she helped me with my anxiety, particularly regarding going away to university and equipped me with some very useful skills to take forward.