Wellbeing in Menopause

MENOPAUSE MOT's to reclaim your health and well being.

Whether you’re a woman navigating the menopause with ease but wanting to improve your wellbeing, or someone who is struggling day to day with a range of menopause symptoms then please get in touch.

As women we don’t need to just put up with the distressing symptoms of  perimenopause or menopause as there are things that we can do, to reduce or alleviate our symptoms and changes that we can make to reduce our life stressors or our ability to cope with them. 

Working with Michelle, a very experienced CBT therapist who is also navigating the menopause years herself, she will support you to reduce your stress and menopause symptoms and improve your sense of wellbeing and health. 

Our Menopause MOT’s provide a comprehensive psychological assessment and therapy plan  that is targeted to your needs.  

Over half the population in the UK, 33million women will experience the menopause.


Of women will get menopausal symptoms.


Of women will leave their jobs due to the menopause.


Of women suffer from brain fog


Of women are affected by vaginal dryness

CBT for Menopause

Michelle is an experienced Cognitive behavioural therapist and CBT therapy is an evidence based treatment that is  recommended to alleviate symptoms of menopause and also stress, anxiety and depression.

She has been working as a therapist working with clients with mental health conditions for  30 years and has an interest in women’s health. She incorporates various approaches into her work including mindfulness and compassionate focused approaches. She is a specialist in working with trauma and is also a trained EMDR therapist. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise in working with her clients and is very personable when workign with clients.  

She is a firm believer in evidence based treatment and helping women to find reliable sources of  information to inform their decision making in menopause.

Her work is often focused on reducing stress and distress but she is also interested to explore the evidence behind diet, exercise and holistic approaches. 

She is an advocate of HRT  but recognises that it is not for everyone and firmly believes in a woman’s right to choose and find strategies that work for them.    

How might you work together in sessions

Following a comprehensive assessment of your psychological wellbeing and menopause symptoms we will develop a personalised therapy plan that is focused on your goals.

Examples of what we might focus on :

Understanding your menopause  symptoms

Taking time to consider and discuss treatment options that are recommended for the menopause.

Preparing you to talk to your GP.

Working alongside your medical practitioner who oversees your health and medication needs. Looking at the evidence for HRT. 

CBT for the management of hot flushes, insomnia, low mood, anxiety, anger.

Mindfulness and breathing skills.

Identifying stressors and learning ways to manage these , this may include:

Developing more helpful ways of thinking

Changing unhelpful behaviours

Developing communication or assertiveness skills.

Re evaluating your life , your interests and purpose and making changes according to your values

Improving self care – looking at obstacles to eating a balance diet, exercising and making positive changes.

Treatment of underlying mental health issues/ trauma if relevant.

Our Fees

Assessment Session: £150

Therapy Sessions: £100

MOT Standard Package: £750

Michelle's own Menopause Journey so far

Michelle’s journey

I am happy to share my own  experiences of menopause if this is helpful for clients during therapy sessions.

I think I first started to think about a diagnosis of Perimenopause when I was 47 years. I started to experience, night sweats and generalised anxiety but put it down to the warm weather and the fact that work was busy. I became very heat sensitive and normal situations like going for a curry , sitting in a waiting room, could tip me into a panic. I remember worrying about how my body would react in situations. 

I think it was around this time that there started to be more media coverage about the menopause and I started to realised that many symptoms that I had been experiencing since aged 45 where part of perimenopause. That joint pain, tinnitus, dizziness, major sleep issues, feelings of anxiety and anger could all be explained. 

CBT for the menopause and psychological wellbeing


Equipped with my list of symptoms and having read the latest NICE guidelines Overview | Menopause: diagnosis and management | Guidance | NICEI went to see my GP. I was lucky in that she was understanding and was equally informed and we agreed a treatment plan.

For me HRT and testosterone (private prescription) has been a life changer, but I appreciate for some women this is not an option or they prefer not to take it. I’ve also given myself a bit of an MOT and re evaluated my life, trying to address stressors, and improve my self care. This has also undoubtedly helped.

Like most women managing day to day life can remain a challenge, but over the last few 18 months I have regained a sense of being me again. The roller coaster of menopause symptoms has stopped with it more like a snail ride now !!   

If you would like to find out more of how I might help you on your menopause journey then please get in touch. 





We also work with employers that are looking to support their employees who may be struggling with peri menopause or menopause symptoms. Contact us for more details . 

Please contact Michelle via our contact link if you would like to find out more or to arrange a Wellbeing in Menopause assessment.

I would highly recommend her

I had been gradually feeling that I was losing control of my life and feeling pretty rubbish. My doctor prescribed antidepressants and HRT patches and nothing really changed. I thought well that’s it then, this is what life is going to be like!. I was on sick leave and my employer actually referred me and I am so glad that they did. When I met Michelle she explained that I didn’t need to put up with my symptoms. During therapy sessions I have learnt a lot about myself and how life events and the menopause is affecting me. I have… Read more “I would highly recommend her”

Zoe Roberts