Working With: Employers to improve your employees mental health and wellbeing

With 1 in 6 employees in the workplace, experiencing a common mental health condition, businesses are recognising the benefits of  supporting employees to improve their mental health and wellbeing .

At Feel Well Therapy we provide specialist psychological assessment and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling and EMDR therapy to treat the  common mental health difficulties such as depression, panic disorder, OCD, trauma, social anxiety, stress, GAD bereavement,  that your employee may be experiencing. 

We also provide our Wellbeing in Menopause Service providing specialist assessment, advice and therapy for employees that might be struggling with perimenopause or  menopause in the workplace. 

Using our knowledge of NICE clinical guidelines for the treatment of common mental health disorders, we will advise you on the recommended treatment for your employees difficulties in order to get the best outcome for you and them . 

Unfortunately too often all employees are routinely referred  for 6 sessions of counselling, when we know that counselling is not the recommended treatment for many disorders.   

This could lead to poor and delayed recovery.  

We believe that it makes good business sense to refer employees to the right therapy first time to enable them to get the help that they need as soon as possible. 

Were counselling is recommended we will suggest this, where CBT or EMDR, or our Wellbeing in Menopause is recommended we will suggest this.

We don’t expect you to be the expert at deciding what’s right for your employer so leave this to us.

What happens after you make an enquiry

  • We will provide you with a professional service.
  • We offer complete confidentiality.
  • We could offer your employee an assessment appointment within 2-4 weeks with an accredited therapist.
  • We will only proceed with therapy if we think that it is likely to be beneficial to your employee and with your instruction. 
  • Appointments are made by us directly with your employee.
  • If appropriate telephone appointments can be offered.
  • We can provide an assessment and discharge reports if you require this. 
  • We routinely collect outcome data and client satisfaction data.
  • We will ensure that there are no hidden costs and the number of sessions agreed and funding for treatment will be agreed with you upon your instruction.
  • No longer term contracts, just pay as you go to use our service.
  • Contact Michelle our Clinical Lead for an informal chat or to make a referral.