Michelle enjoys supervising and it shows! Modelling supervision on CBT practice, I found Michelle open to discuss diverse topics and a possibility of interventions. Michelle’s supervision philosophy embraces the concept that both supervisee and supervisor learn within the supervisory space and together with extensive past experience and accumulated knowledge I have found Michelle to be […]

Michelle has been my supervisor for over 2 years for individual and group supervision. . Michelle is a very experienced clinician and supervisor and brings a lot of herself to supervision which makes it feel a safe place to talk about difficulties and weaknesses as well as achievements and strengths in session. She is structured […]

I am fortunate to have worked with Michelle and had her as my supervisor for 2 years. Her wealth of knowledge and experience and her clear direction and professional approach were invaluable at all times, but especially at times of uncertainty when she provided support, advice and encouragement around accreditation, clinical and service issues.