Joan Mc Cadden

CBT Therapist

Therapies I Provide:

Since 1990 I have worked as a qualified social worker and for many years specialised  in attachment disorders and working to heal trauma and past abuse. I became an adoption specialist and worked and trained in this area helping parents and their children develop healthy attachments and building self esteem.

I rose to senior management within the local authority in which I worked and I became interested in CBT when a member of my team required CBT sessions following a sudden psychotic episode. I was very impressed by her rapid and full recovery.

I looked into cognitive behavioural therapy further and trained in it soon afterwards becoming a cognitive behavioural practitioner and I worked both in the NHS and privately. I know from my experience and practice how effective CBT is as a therapy and it is this that motivates me. I am as passionate about CBT now as I was then.

I have experience working with depression and all the anxiety disorders, including work related stress, relationship problems, low self esteem and perfectionism.

I have worked extensively with PTSD, both with developmental trauma and single event trauma, including combat trauma in military veterans.

I have worked with clients suffering from panic or other phobias such as social anxiety or a specific phobia and I have successfully treated clients wanting to discuss sexual orientation and transgendered people who have not only faced personal dilemmas but discrimination and abuse from others.

Over the years I have worked with all age ranges including those with a diagnosis of autism or Aspergers syndrome and those struggling with chronic long term health conditions.

My approach is caring, calm, socratic and non judgemental, thereby helping you to find the solution that works for you as an individual in your unique situation.

I am an accredited therapist subscribing to the values and ethics of the BABCP.